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Are you a candidate?


Focus on your body


  • Does your Type 2 Diabetes/Thyroid problems cause anxiety and stress?
  • Are you constantly distressed about your blood sugar throughout the day?
  • Is your schedule bogged down and interrupted by insulin injections?
  • ​Do you take multiple pills for other medical issues?
  • Do you continue to experience symptoms of hypothyroid disease despite your lab thyroid panel falling in within the normal lab ranges?
  • Are your medications constantly being changed because the treatment is not working for you?
  • ​If your regimen is not working for you, do you feel defeated and tired from trying to handle your disease without feeling any better?


You are not alone. There are millions of patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Thyroid Dysfunction dealing with the same struggle.


THERE IS GOOD NEWS. You may be a candidate for our treatment and clinical model.  One that may help you reverse your disease and get you on the right track back to health. We at Revolution Health Sarasota concentrate on what is triggering your condition and specialize to support your body’s  capability to reinstate normal function.

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